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    Powered by Fetish Girls MembersPlugin is the fastest and easiest way to broadcast HD webcam shows to your member's area.


HD Broadcasting

Broadcast crystal clear HD, live  video & audio using the latest technology to your paying customers in true real time.

Easy Setup

Getting set up could not be easier all you need is your computer WebCam, and just add a couple links to your site.

Interactive Chat

Live  interactive video chat is hugely popular and proven to keep your members longer - Connect with your members!

Powered by Flash

Our platform utilizes the latest technology Adobe flash  interactive streaming to power a stable  and secure cross browser and mobile compatible solution.

Full Screen

Watch WebCams in full screen to view best resolution just for your monitor. Easily select between three diffrent video sizes.


Add additional revenue  with no extra work by broadcasting simultaneously to your members area and also pay per minute on fetisgirls.com at a price you  choose.


If you would like to share your shows with our network  partners you in return get bonus live shows for your site at no charge and lots of extra exposure for your site.


Choose how you feel today!

How to get started


Members Plugin is powered by Fetish Girls. Set up an account at fetishgirls.com and login then just contact us to activate the members plugin feature for your members website. After that we will work with you to make sure that have everything set up and working correctly. To register for MembersPlugin.com email us at Support@FetishGirls.com